Working Together to Make a Big Impact...Our Journey So Far

This time last year there was no Purple Heart Network, it wasn't even a concept. It was more of an argument - you know how it is, you sit around with friends ranting about what's wrong with the world and what could be done to make it right. You even have a few crossed words as you try to win the 'my cause is more important because...' debate. Believe it or not, that's how The Purple Heart Network was born! 

Bruce's passion is the environment and mine's is social justice; we had the same argument over and over, about what was most important, until one day we got 'debate fatigue' and started to listen to each other. A strange thing happened that day - we realised that you can't tackle one issue without tackling the other because they are, in fact, two sides of the same coin. After our eureka moment we spent a lot of time researching, we wanted to know what was happening on our doorstep and across the globe, it led us to the conclusion that to make a big impact, globally, we need to take small steps to address social and environmental injustice, locally! (The observant among you may have spied where our strap line came from.)

We decided we wanted to act on what we'd found, but we had a few questions. How could our skills and passions compliment each other in practical ways? Where would we even start? What would it look like? Would anyone take us seriously? Who would help us? 

As it turns out if you have an idea people can get behind then they'll get behind it and with energy. In the last 6 months we've recruited Board Members, people with amazing skills and expertise, who have helped us develop our ideas and take them to the next level. We've submitted our application to become a fully-fledged Charity and have developed a 3 year plan. We have an amazing logo and this fantastic website, built for us free of charge by Gordon and Zoe at Adeo Glasgow and most exciting of all, we are about to take our first big step - E-Bike Africa. E-Bike Africa will raise awareness of climate change and the power of renewable energy, it will help us launch The Purple Heart Network and promote our vision - a world where people, from all walks of life, work together to create a healthier environment and a fairer society. 

These last few months have been hectic, humbling and heartening and I want to thank everyone who has worked with us, supported us and indulged us. If I take one thing from this journey it'll be to never, ever, underestimate the collective power of humans - together we can do anything - let's make a big impact!



The Purple Heart Network 






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