Our Vision

A world where people, communities, businesses and policy makers work together to design, develop and deliver environmental policy, practice and outcomes through socially sensitive interventions. We believe that small steps, taken locally, will deliver big impacts, globally.


Our Aims

We have a six step plan that we think will help us reach our vision:


  • Educate

Raise awareness of the causes and impacts of climate change, at home and across the globe.


  • Motivate

Encourage, people across society, to engage in the conversation about climate change actions and solutions.


  • Assess

Work with people to think about their environment, their practices and how smarter, greener choices could be of benefit to them.


  • Design

Design green solutions to challenges and problems that benefit people and communities.


  • Act

Support people and businesses to make smarter, greener choices that benefit their lives, their environment and their communities.


  • Influence

Enable people to use their experiences positively to influence and inform the actions of others, the design of interventions and development of policy.