Meet the Team...


We're a small group of people who share an interest in the environment and in social justice. We wanted to do something more than chat about the challenges that our communities face, so we put our heads together to think about how we could make a positive impact.

We are keen to add to our team, and we'll post volunteering opportunities up as they arise, but if you think you could contribute to the Network - whether it's a one off piece of work or in the longer term please drop us a line at



Bruce has been involved in environmental projects for a number of years, having started a timber recycling business after leaving College, where he studied cabinet making and furniture design. Bruce was involved in the timber recycling business and became aware of the huge amount of timber waste going to landfill and, with his business partner, developed a biomass supply chain to divert hardwood from landfill. Some of the biomass originated from the whisky industry, which produces huge quantities of spent barrels. Rather than divert all of these to biomass Bruce developed an upcycling business - using whisky barrels to create high end products such as flooring and bar and restaurant interiors.

Bruce will be embarking on our first action, E-Bike Africa, which will see him cycle from Glasgow to Cape Town using a pedal assisted e-bike powered by a solar trailer! If you want to talk to Bruce about his expedition drop him an email at 



As an entrepreneur I have spent decades generating business and growing new and existing companies. Working within diverse industry sectors has given me a wealth of experience and allowed to me enhance my skillset.
Further to owning a successful distribution company in 2001 I saw a gap in the market and opened Scotland’s now largest mobile outdoor media company.

I am driven by new challenges and a desire to be successful in all endeavours. 



With nearly 20 years experience in sales and marketing, Lindsay spent ten of these years working in publishing and corporate events promoting some of Scotland’s largest B2B publications, exhibitions and award ceremonies across a range of industries and sectors.

Her current marketing role is within public sector procurement and has developed close business relationships with the Cabinet Office along with the UK’s devolved governments.

Lindsay’s involvement in the Purple Heart Network is to raise the profile of the charity through a wide range of marketing channels. If you would like to connect with Lindsay, please email



Graham is a lawyer at clark boyle and company solicitors in Glasgow city centre, and has been for some 25 years plus. He is an advocate of social responsibility and has been a keen contributor to his native community of Castlemilk, in particular spearheading business engagement programs and fundraising schemes. Recently becoming a father again at 50, and a keen ecologist, Graham is excited to be part of a local community based project which embraces his core beliefs and is motivated to achieving real change in local ownership.