The redemption of a habitual recycler...

So, like a lot of people I try to recycle as much as I can and switch my lights off to save energy, I even heed the warnings in hotels and reuse my towels as a stand against climate change! Even so, I complain a lot, I’m aware of the inequality and injustice in the world and have concerns about just what is happening to the planet. But complaining doesn’t make you part of the solution it just makes you a pain in the arse – so I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is, though I may live to regret it!

Over the last 8 or so years I’ve been tinkering around with reclaimed timber, having retrained as a cabinet maker after many years in the catering industry. Unfortunately it became quite clear, quite quickly, that Scotland wasn’t geared up to support private, sustainable business and I started to wonder why. Why was it so difficult for people to see the value in diverting timber from landfill to create beautiful things rather than just cutting down more timber? This irked me for a long time, although I think I now understand why…if you don’t have an understanding of climate change or the range of things you can do to make positive changes then why would you?

This is a concept that Jo and I explored at length, you might know from her blogs that she can be just as much as a pain as me only her beef is social injustice, as you can imagine we make quite the dinner party duo. We came to the conclusion that without providing the right information, the right platforms, the right opportunities and the right tools to facilitate change then achieving change is almost impossible.

Then we decided we’d like to be advocates for those changes, to facilitate those changes, to become change makers, to stop complaining and take some action – that’s when The Purple Heart Network and the idea of E-Bike Africa was truly born.

The E-Bike Africa expedition is my way of becoming part of the solution, to raise awareness of climate change, its current impacts and the potential devastation it could create if it goes unchecked. The richer nations, if they make a true commitment may be able to reduce the impacts as they will throw a ton of money at mitigating the causes, however for poorer or developing nations it may not be so easy to reverse the damage, even though, historically they have played a far smaller part in creating the issue.

I hope that my efforts go some way to bringing about positive changes, to making sure that everyone, regardless of their location, their background or the economic status has the opportunity to play their part in creating happier, healthier environments both at home and across the world.   

You can help me get on the road by visiting EBike Africa on crowdfunder! 


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