The Purple Heart Network - What's in a Name?

The Purple Heart Network..yeah, it probably does seem an odd name, but it makes sense when you know where it comes from!

We had been thinking about of a name for our venture for a while when one evening Bruce showed me the heart he had made from a piece of Purple Heart timber he found on his workshop floor. You see, Bruce is a cabinet maker. He up-cycles bits of discarded wood, like whisky barrels and things that would generally go to landfill.

Purple Heart comes from a tropical tree, native to Central and South America, unfortunately, in some areas its endangered as a result of over-harvesting/logging. As it's an endangered species we thought it was a perfect emblem to represent us and our goals.

We mulled over the different ways we could use ‘Purple Heart’ in our title and that led us to another realisation, we want to build connections and relationships. We want a real live network, where people share ideas, learn from each other and work together to achieve positive change. So there you have it, The Purple Heart Network was born!




PH Tree.jpg

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