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E-Bike Africa completes first leg: E-Bike Africa Glasgow to Paris


Press Pictures for Download:

05_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-11-19_Glasgow_Dales_Johanna-Speirs_DSC_4073.jpg      06_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-11-23_Newcastle_DSC_4099.jpg     07_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-11-23_Newcastle_SBruesch_DSC_4087.jpg


08_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-11-25_Amsterdam_DSC08030.jpg    09_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-11-26_Netherlands_SBruesch_DSC08087.jpg   10_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-11-27_Rotterdam_SBruesch_DSC_4137.jpg


11_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-11-27_Rotterdam_SBruesch_DSC_4173.jpg   12_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-11-27_Rotterdam_SBruesch_DSC_4187.jpg  13_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-12-04_Cop21_SBruesch_DSC_4203.jpg

14_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-12-04_Cop21_SBruesch_DSC08120.jpg  15_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-12-04_Cop21_SBruesch_DSC08125.jpg  16_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-12-05_Paris_Bruce-MacLeod_DSC08197.jpg

17_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-12-05_Paris_SBruesch_DSC_4261.jpg  18_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-12-05_Paris_SBruesch_DSC08220.jpg  19_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-12-05_Paris_Uwe-Schlemender_DSC_4245.jpg


20_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-12-05_Paris_Uwe-Schlemender_DSC_4251.jpg   21_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-12-05_Paris_Uwe-Schlemender_DSC_4258.jpg  22_pedelec-adventures.com_ebike-africa_2015-12-05_Paris_Uwe-Schlemender_DSC08237.jpg


  • Press Pictures Catalogue

05_ Farewell in Glasgow at Dales Cycles ebikeafrica.com I Johanna Speirs

06_ Bruce MacLeod and Susanne Brüsch in Newcastle pedelec-adventures.com

07_ Bike of choice for E-Bike Africa – Haibike XDURO with Bosch mid motor. The solar charging infrastructure on the toutterrain trailer is custom built. pedelec-adventures.com I Susanne Brüsch

08_ The E-Bike Africa riders Bruce MacLeod and Susanne Brüsch are happy about Uwe Schlemeder's company and technical support in Amsterdam pedelec-adventures.com

09_Holland at it's best pedelec-adventures.com I Susanne Brüsch

10_Welcome to space-age in Rotterdam's city center pedelec-adventures.com I Susanne Brüsch

11_Rotterdam offers far more than The Netherland's largest harbor pedelec-adventures.com I Susanne Brüsch

12_ The E-Bike Africa team leaving youth hostel Stayokay in Rotterdam pedelec-adventures.com I Susanne Brüsch

13_ E-Bike Africa at COP21 UN Climate Conference in Paris pedelec-adventures.com

14_After cycling almost 900 km from Glasgow to Paris, the E-Bike Africa team arrived at COP21 in early December pedelec-adventures.com

15_Susanne Brüsch and Bruce MacLeod presenting E-Bike Africa at COP21 in Paris pedelec-adventures.com

16_ On her Haibike XDURO with Bosch mid motor Susanne Brüsch of Pedelec Adventures rode from Glasgow to Paris as the first leg of the E-Bike Africa expedition pedelec-adventures.com I Bruce MacLeod

17_On his Haibike XDURO with Bosch mid motor Bruce MacLeod of the Purple Heart Network rides from home in Glasgow to home in Cape Town via Paris pedelec-adventures.com I Susanne Brüsch

18_Eye-catchers in Paris. E-Bike Africa meets the kids of ecomo21 pedelec-adventures.com I Susanne Brüsch

19_The E-Bike Africa team with a delegation from South Africa – the destination of their journey pedelec-adventures.com I Uwe Schlemender

20_Bruce MacLeod and Susanne Brüsch have reached Paris on their way from Glasgow to Cape Town pedelec-adventures.com I Uwe Schlemender

21_Bruce MacLeod and Susanne Brüsch have reached Paris on their way from Glasgow to Cape Town pedelec-adventures.com I Uwe Schlemender

22_E-Bike Africa in Paris, raising awareness for climate change pedelec-adventures.com I Uwe Schlemender




Press & Media Coverage:

The Herald, Glasgow, 19 November 2015: E-Bike Africa Launch

The National, Glasgow, 19 November 2015: E-Bike Launch

Evening Times, Glasgow, 18 November 2015: E-Bike Africa

Indy Live Stream, 18 November 2015: Interviews with the team

Scotland Now, 9 November 2015 by Laura Coventry: Scotland Now Article


Press Releases for Download:

Press Release 1: 18 November 2015