Our Partners


We are lucky enough to be supported by some amazing partners and the list is growing all the time. Take a look at the folks involved to find out a little more about what they do!



Pedelec Adventures

Pedelec Adventures, founded and run by Susanne Brüsch, has been a leading advocate for electric bikes. Through previous, spectacular expeditions, Pedelec Adventures has raised awareness of the durability and reliability of the technology and has shown the world what's possible on these bikes and how much fun they are. 

Working in a huge international network, Susanne is supporting our E-Bike Africa trip with 20 years of experience in e-bikes, worldwide media exposure and by being a travel companion on parts of the journey. 




Providing the ebikes we'll use throughout the expedition Haibike is a pioneer in the development of ebike frame design and technology.



Tout Terrain

Passionate about cycling and developing products to assist off-road cycling Tout Terrain are custom building our solar trailers. 



Melon Helmets

You've probably seen those funky watermelon helmets, and we're delighted that Melon Helmets have agreed to support our expedition. Not only do they design pretty cool helmets, they have also won awards for the construction and safety of their products.



Adeo Group

Our logo, website and social media sites have been made slick and awesome by Zoe and Gordon at Adeo Group who have taken our vision and supported us to make it a digital reality.