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E Bike Africa

To raise awareness of climate change Bruce MacLeod is doing something extraordinary. Bruce will cycle on a pedal assisted ebike from his adopted home town of Glasgow to his birthplace in Cape Town, using 100% carbon free technology. On parts of his journey, Bruce will be accompanied by project partner Susanne Brüsch who runs Pedelec Adventures. They will travel across various countries, all of which experience climate change in their own way.

The first leg of the Ebike Africa expedition (from Glasgow to Paris) took both adventurers / activists to COP 21, the UN framework convention on climate change in Paris in December 2015. At COP 21 world leaders, including the UK Prime Minister, met to discuss and agree a legally binding commitment to tackling climate change. This conference allowed us, the Purple Heart Network, to have conversations with the people who need to hear our shared vision. See Bruce’s blog about their experience here.

We want to raise awareness of the impact that local practice and policy has on global climate change. In December, at the COP21 conference in Paris, the UK Government committed to legally binding UN targets to limit the rise of global temperatures to 2°C.

COP21 came quickly after the government's attendance at the G7 Summit in June where the Prime Minister committed to phasing out the use of fossil fuel by 2100. Here at the Purple Heart Network we've identified some local decisions taken by the UK Government which seem to fly in the face of these commitments and we want to encourage the Government to reverse them.

The rest of the expedition is dived onto two more legs: one more in Europe and one through Africa.

Ebike Africa is an expedition with a difference as Bruce and Susanne will undertake the journey on a pedal assist ebike. All the electronic equipment, including the ebike battery, will be powered by a purpose-built solar trailer.

Find out more about the expedition on the website: http://www.ebikeafrica.com/


COP21 is an annual conference bringing together 195 countries who have signed the United Nations Framework on Climate Change. At this years conference in Paris the United Nations will seek to agree a legally binding and universal agreement on climate change - with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.


Last Mile Deliveries

We're also putting the finishing touches to Last Mile Deliveries. Last Mile Deliveries is a Community Interest Company - an environmental solution to carbon emissions created by fossil fuelled delivery vehicles. Last Mile Deliveries is a social and ethically sensitive enterprise that will invest any surplus into local communities.

Last Mile Deliveries will use the same e-bike technology that Bruce will use on his travels to deliver packages and parcels within urban Glasgow, making the city greener and healthier.

Last Mile Deliveries aims to support both the private and public sector reach their environmental targets by offering a high quality, competitive, green option for package and parcel delivery - in the process we'll be supporting the Scottish Governments goal of decarbonising road transport by 2050.